Monday, February 6, 2012

London and the White Cube

 Anselm Keifer - Tempelhof, 2010, 380 x 760cm oil, acrylic and salt on canvas
 Last weekend I went to the White Cube on Bermondsey Road .  A fantastic exhibition of new work by the internationally renowned artist Anselm Kiefer was staged across 11,000 sq ft of gallery space, ‘Ill Mistro delle Cattedrali’ is the largest ever presentation of his work in London.  I was blown away by this work and having seen a lot of his exhibitions  this was the best and is well worth a visit.   

Tobias Rehberger - Again, 2011, wood, paint, acrylic, foil and motor
 Another exhibition visited was ‘Sex and Friends’ at Pilar Corrais Gallery where Tobias Reheberger was exhibiting a new body of work.  He is another artist I admire for his sculptures and installations which principally revolve around the concept of transformation, whilst working with industrial processes and technological innovations. This exhibition shows a series of unique shadow sculptures which, at first glance, seem abstract. They are displayed with special lighting effects casting amorphous shadows on the wall to form a hidden message. Quite a different type of work but for me interesting to see the way he uses his materials and the processes. Avril Elward